Friday, 20 June 2008

civic duty

The season of the summer fetes & fayres are upon us.

Last weekend I attended and helped out at a local village fete, on the teas & cake stall, the best place to be! I'm becoming a big fan of the village fete, since moving back to the country I have attended various village fetes and it's a great place for bumping into people you haven't seen for years, indulging in the odd cream tea & cake and supporting the local community, if the sun shines then it's great way to spend an afternoon. Aswell as helping out on with the teas & cakes I also entered a photo competition and even managed to win, I was chuffed with this result as the last time I won anything in the village was the year of the silver jubilee!

So, wherever you are get along to a local fete or fayre, take part in anyway you can and feel a sense of community.

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