Wednesday, 13 August 2008

more barmy than balmy

So here in Blighty we are not experiencing a balmy summer but we are experiencing a "barmy" summer which wasn't part of the plan. So what to do when the weather isn't playing ball......take up knitting......might as well make a start on hat and scarf collection for the autumn. My sis-in-law has being doing this and could be termed as slighty obsessive but then comes up with the cunning plan of a business which involves her passion for knitting and she has just launched a website selling all things knitting,

Anyway back to the barmy summer, the only thing that seems to be benefiting from the rain are my tomatoes which seem to be doubling in size by the day, the only problem is they remain very green, I'll be looking for a recipe for fried green tomatoes at this rate. Over the garden fence the apples are also soaking up all the rain and doulbing in size, I can feel another scrumping expedition coming on!

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