Wednesday, 15 October 2008

end of summer but fun still to had

So I haven't been keeping up with the blogging due to suddenly been struck with a condition (spinal myoclonus) which means my body is constantly twitching, jerking, spasming (!) (haven't decided which is the best and socially acceptable description yet!) So my life is rather consumed by this at the moment but not one to curl up in a corner in the face of adversity, sometimes I do, I have tried to laugh in the face of it. Spent over a week in hospital having various tests and drugs offered to me to see if anything would have any affect, including botox. Botox, WOW! go for it and if there's any left over use it for the serious frown I have rapidly developed. No such luck, it all gets pumped into my abdomen and guess what has no bloody affect what so ever, so anyone out thinking of going down the botox route think again and enjoy your frown.

My mobility has also being affected, can't drive, can't walk very far, so along with a dear friend, Becs, who I think just to make me feel less lonely decided to break her ankle around the same time, came up with a cunning plan to get mobile for a day and enjoy some late summer sunshine. The cunning plan involved visiting a local National Trust property, Ickworth House, Bury St Edmunds, highly recommended. We were delivered to aforementioned stately home had a spot of lunch before heading off in search of our wheels. To our delight and barely contained excitement we were told that of course we were entitled to the free use of the mobility scooters, just sign here listen to the instructions and away we go. The requirement to contain my fit of giggles made my medical condition appear even worse and therefore received sympathetic looks from those passing by. Once away from public view and those in a worse state than ourselves we were able to screech and giggle until the tears smudged the mascara! We then decided that photos would have to be taken and were joined by Becs mother to be the official photographer. At this point, unable to contain our amusement, we started to receive some looks of "how very dare they" but unperturbed we carried on our merry way even taking them off road to catch the best views. Finally exhausted from our merriment the fresh air and beautiful sunshine we returned the scooters and plan our next day out with scooter mobility. So my top tip if you can't beat them join them!

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