Monday, 30 March 2009

Here we go again

So the clocks have gone back, hoorahhhhhh!!!

Just having that extra hour of daylight you can feel the vitamin D deficiency being dealt with. Personally I'm very glad to see the back of winter and the hibernation season, it's been miserable but hopefully we can all find hope in the face of adversity!

Have you looked out your window and noticed the greens shoots, surrounded by all the debris of winter and suddenly feel guilty that you haven't spent the winter toiling away and preparing just like the "experts" say we should! So, now it's the mad dash to clear away the debris to give the green shoots a fighting chance. Suddenly this sounds like an analogy for life and current times......

Whatever debris you're going to tackle, enjoy the green shoots which will surely then blossom and here's to the Balmy Summer Days to follow!

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