Sunday, 10 May 2009

Fields of Yellow

The fields are once again a blaze of yellow and are the perfect backdrop for the new shots for cafeknit spring summer. So with Frankie, cafeknits house model, we found ourselves a field and a blue sky and snapped away and got the perfect shots, it helps when your model is a complete natural and therefore it doesn't take much to get the shot.

In addition to playing around in a yellow field we thought we'd go for some action shots with Frankies brother, Henry, joining in the fun, more great shots, very rock & roll and no broken bones.

Anyway the day really felt like summer has arrived and you know when the landscape is full of yellow it's a good thing, though not so good if you suffer from hayfever, my advice is go and stand in the middle of it and breath in deeply, eventually you'll become immune...........This is not official medical advice so don't quote me, but if it doesn't cure the streaming eyes and runny nose the view is spectacular!

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