Saturday, 20 June 2009

sun & laughter

So summer is here, alledgedly, and to really get into the spirit I joined three friends for a long weekend in Portugal. The sole objective to press the pause button, lie by a pool and soak up as much vitamin D as the body would take. Generally these objectives were met except for the small matter of vitamin D, you go all that way and kind of expect that the sun will be guaranteed.....NOT. One day of clear blue skies and hot sunshine, then cloud accompanied by heat and humidity, so there was nothing for it but to revert to fun and games, involving a child size lilo and some slightly disapproving looks from fellow guests, remaining mature and dignified in the heat is really hard work.

I've reached a conclusion that laughter is definetly one of the very best forms of therapy and when this therapy is undertaken amongst great friends the the positive effects are doubled if not tripled, so to my partners in crime & laughter (bob & mouse in particular) thank you and when's the next therapy session?

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