Monday, 13 July 2009

messing about on the river

Life can be good.
I'm discovering more and more that quality not quantity really does count and this weekend was another fine example of exactly that.
Friday night I joined some friends down on the River Orwell in Suffolk to spend the evening aboard Grumble Bee, a fine sailing vessel. An evening of fine food and suitable refreshments and once again many laughs was had, the sun set was spectacular and the night sky soothed. We settled down for the night on board Grumble Bee, inserted into sleeping bags and still giggling, falling out of beds (one of us, at least). I woke in the morning after very vivid dreams involving competing in the Tour de France, I'd like to know what that's all about if there are any dream analysts out there! The only slight disappointment was that there was no sensation of being on water, the boat being tied up (not sure that's the technical term) in the marina meant there was no shifting unless a huge tanker on it's way to the docks passed and managed to generate a bit of a wave. After a stroll along the shoreline and a pub lunch we were able to take to the water, with the arrival of Skipper John and Deckhand David, the sun broke through the clouds, a breeze picked up and Grumble Bee moved gracefully through the water and I sat with the sensation of contentment washing over me and all around.
Driving home Saturday I really felt like I had been away alot longer than just one night and I had the prospect of Sunday to look forward to, lovely, proving that quality not quantity really does count.

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