Sunday, 27 April 2008

rhubarb, rhubarb

Cor blimey, what a scorcher!!

Well for one day at least and at least it occurred on the weekend which meant all hands to the fork and spade and start digging. Bloody weeds, the thing is they are very cunning in their tactics for survival, either they make sure they get very up close and personal with the plants you want to keep making their extraction almost a medical procedure or another option is to have a root system so complex and far reaching I need a sat nav to negotiate them or the third option is to disguise themselves as some pretty flower making me feel bad about wrenching them from the soil, but I am becoming hardened to their ploys and will take no prisoners. Slugs also fall into this category, but they have made no effort to disguise themselves maybe by wearing a wig and moustache, their only ploy is to come out when your back is turned. As no effort is made with a cunning disguise I have no sympathy so resort to using the slug pellets in a liberal fashion to protect my property.

On a more positive front in the garden the first crop of rhubard has been harvested, I think the humble rhubarb is the most self sufficient of fruit and veg you can have in the garden, every year without fail and with minimum fuss and attention my rhubard supplies me with more rhubarb than I can poke a stick at and its uses are endless. Are your pots and pans a bit stained and limescaled, boil up some rhubarb in them and come up sparkling!

On that note I'm off to make some rhubarb crumble and get my pans sparkling!

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