Tuesday, 1 April 2008

spring has sprung

So far so good, marked the occasion by mowing the lawn, this was made all the more remarkable by the fact the the lawn mower started first time, it's never done this since the day I bought it!

Usually spend half an hour pulling shoulder out of its socket, try kicking the mower, a try and tested engineering technique, then checking there is fuel in it to discover there isn't, filling it, getting hopeful that I have solved the problem. By now a small group has gathered over the garden fence, garden backs on to a healthy and active allotment. Helpful suggestions are offered, "have you checked the fuel?", yes, "you'll have a problem with the diaphram" , this was news to me, being unawares of the anatomy of a lawnmower. After a few more "helpful" suggestions the final one is "try giving it a kick". Genius...still no response.

Trade it in for a more reliable model, never, that would be far too simple a solution!

Anyone for a cup of tea!

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