Monday, 19 May 2008

things are hotting up

So we got some balmy summer days at last, a whole week of it which also included a weekend which meant all roads leading to the coast were clogged. I had a much better idea which involved lying on my back in the garden with a decent supply of reading matter; weekend papers, fictional novel and a self help book, the last supposedly to assist me in visualising aspects of my life in a creative manner, some that know me would say I do a pretty good job of doing that already without the self help material it's called day dreaming, living in cloud cuckoo etc etc.

A few days later I took part in a charity walk around the grounds of a local stately manor, in aid of breakthrough breast cancer. The sun shone and decked out in something pink to keep with the spirit of the event myself, friends and about 90 other women and dogs ( actual dogs, no metaphor) we set out at a nice leisurely pace for what should have been 11 miles but myself and friends found an excuse to do 8 miles and retire to the walled garden of the manor to drink wine. It's the taking part that counts not the completing!

Back in the garden I've planted some green beans and spent more time than is healthy watching the soil waiting for some sign of life, keep you updated on this one.......note to self more to life & balmy summer days than waiting for your beans to sprout.

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