Sunday, 25 May 2008

up in them there hills

Got the chance for a few days in North Wales, the sun still shone which made the long journey worth while. For such a comparatively small island the UK is nothing but painfull to navigate by road, it took nearly 7 hours and several bouts of road rage to reach my destination but it was definetly worth it. Stayed in Portmeirion, the creation of Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis, for many years this place was seen as the folly of one man & the back drop for the television series The Prisoner but now it can be seen as a developement which was ahead of it's time dealing with aesthetic issues and enviromental issues. It does have another advantage of being situated in a stunning setting and having a micro climate which on fine days the meditarrenean couldn't beat, well worth a visit. It is also the perfect base for taking advantage of Snowdonia National Park and the miles of stunning beaches, so as a destination of a few balmy summer days North Wales gets a nod.

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